Monday, September 20, 2010

Blogger Break and sad news

I guys. My mother recently passed away. She was 67 years old and had brain cancer. Mu husband knew all of the people who have been working on her since she was diagnosed. He had worked with the doctors so he could tell me where they work best and all of the stats on them. She passed away yesterday night and nobody knew until this morning. I am one of 10 kids so we are all very sad. She was the perfect mother and the perfect grandmother. My father stayed in the hospital with her so much and was the perfect person to have on your side. I used to talk to her every day. My sisters and brothers are located all over the country ( sister #1 Hershey, sister #2 Charlotte, sister #3 St. Charles, sister #4 Savannah, Me Charleston, Brother #1 Hummelston, Brother #2 Charleston, Brother #3 San Fran, Brother #4 Denver, and brother #5 Naples) They all have kids and are all coming to the funeral. My mother lives in Charleston so we are very fortunate that we got to see her before she passed away. I will be taking a blogger break because my family will be in for 1 week so I would like to spend some time with them. I was thinking about having them all over for a cook-out sometime. They are all flying in a coming to my house tomorrow for a dinner then going to their hotels. Have a great week and I hope you monday morning was better than mine.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hi Everyone,
This is our little girl Wren. The adoption agency took a picture of her so we could see her. We are going to DFCS in Illinois on October 1st to see her and then on December 5th I am going back to get her. It has been so fun getting to email Wren. I can tell she loves to talk and will adjust good in our family. Everyone is very excited! More pics will come your way!! Have a great Sunday! 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The outside of the house!!

Here is the back-yard of our house!! If you haven't read my post about the inside you really should, it shows houw the inside and outside are so much alike! I love it!! If you were wondering about little Wren here is some imformation... She is getting ready to come to us. Her date for arrival is December 5, 2010!! YEAH!!! Ok, so Abigail is slowly moving upstairs!! 
So here is where I sit! As I said before it is really close to the nighbor's house but they are family-friends and we love them! Yes, they read my blog... So I guess I can't say anything bad :( Just kidding Jo-Anne!! I love you!! Anyhow, where was I? Oh, I was talking about how much I love this spot! I love it SO SO MUCH!!!

Ya'll have to have the FULL effect here. As you can see there is another neighbor's house surrounding the pool and backyard. I love you too Alyssa!! Ok, I am done with the shout-outs now!! 

Friday, September 17, 2010

My house tour...

Here is my house. It is amazing! Do you want to see the inside? Oh, you would love it. So here you go... A great little tour of my house. Enjoy!!! 

Here is my kitchen. I love this room and I have to say it is most defiantly my favorite room of the house.  The cabinets used to be white in the middle for the island but our family friend just painted them black for us. He did it as a favor and it was for sure a favor. This is DEFIANTLY my favorite room of the house. 

Here is our family room. I love to sit in here during the day and watch Oprah! I am sad it is ending but I find that it may be better because I can actually do something from 4:00-5:00 other than revolve around Oprah and her talk show. I wish our t.v. was bigger but for the space it is a perfect size. 

Here is our bedroom. I painted it about 3 years ago with my husband! It was such a blast. I love to paint but when it would be something such as my kitchen, or another main room I would have a professional painter come to do it because knowing myself I would mess it up somehow. 

The double sinks are the best thing we ever did. I have my own place to get ready and so does he! How perfect. The hairdryer, the straightening iron, the curling iron, and everything else from A-Z goes in my set of cabinets and drawers.

Friends- I will show you the outside of our house tomorrow. Our backyard is amazing. So tomorrow you will see the wonders of my yard. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Neighborhood exercise

Tomorrow I begin with my kids exercise program in my garage. It is so fun to whip the kids into shape. The parents come and participate too. Well, this post was SO short and I am sorry for that. I have been having really boring days. Today I went to a puppy store and played with 2 puppies. I didn't buy one though. Honestly, I would love a puppy but I can't get one because I know I wouldn't want to deal with one! Do you have a puppy or pet? Any advice in case I do decide to get one? 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Work Drive

We are the red and my husband's work is the green! You do the math. He travels for 22 minutes everyday to get to work. 44 minutes round trip. He rushes home just for football and family time. He crosses 3 bodies of water which is so fun to see when  I come along. So many bridges!! I LOVE CHARLESTON!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Husband/Wife Effort

Football was so fun last night, the assistant coach ended up fore-fitting with his and his boy for the game. It turned into a husband wife effort. I have already ran 4 miles today and it is only 6:30 AM here. Have a great day and if your husband asks you to coach football...!!!